Protecting Trash from Raccoons

wheely bin colourRaccoons love to enter your trash pins at night to search for food. In the process they will end up scattering the trash all over. You will wake up in the morning to find your yard in a mess. Below are some tips for keeping these night scavengers out of your trash:

Replace trash bins with metal cans

The metals cans are stronger than traditional plastic trash bins and can help prevent the raccoons from gaining access. This will help you avoid waking up to trash strewn across your yard.

Use trash bins with locking lids

There are some trash pins that are designed with locking lids, which can help prevent the raccoons from accessing your trash. In order to ensure the lids are effective in safeguarding your trash, you have to make sure to lock the lids each time you put your trash in them. 

Spray the trash with ammonia 

Ammonia is a great raccoon deterrent. They associate the smell of ammonia to urine, which they hate. So spraying your trash cans with ammonia will be a good way to keep raccoons from even nearing where your trash cans are stored. Make sure to routinely spray your trash cans a few times a week to continue to effectively use this method.

Store in secure location

You can always store your trash in the garage or shed where raccoons will not gain access. After putting the trash in the shed or garage you should ensure the garage is locked.

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