Bed Bug Extermination Columbus, Ohio

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Columbus, Ohio is one of the most highly impacted areas of the country when it comes to bed bugs. Unfortunately, when a bed bug infestation occurs in your home or property, it can be a time filled with worry and distress. Luckily, there’s a resource you can turn to that will help you regain your sense of well-being—Stryker Pest Control.

With many years of industry experience, and unparalleled knowledge about bed bugs treatment and control, Stryker is the preeminent resource you can turn to in Columbus to get rid of this pesky and disturbing infestation.

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Bed Bugs Extermination Columbus, Ohio

Identifying Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become an epidemic in the U.S., and the Columbus, Ohio area has been particularly hard hit.

Since 2000, the number of reported cases has risen exponentially.

A few signs that can indicate you require bed bugs treatment and control include:

  • You’re waking up in the morning with new bug bites you didn’t have the night before.
  • Fecal stains are present, which generally mean a concentration of small black spots in one area.
  • Other visible signs include shed skin, eggs and the presence of dead bugs.
  • You may also be able to catch live bed bugs in action during the night by using a flashlight.

If you even suspect you have an infestation, the best course of action you can take is to contact a professional pest control company, who will perform an in-depth inspection and then recommend the proper course of action in terms of bed bugs treatment and control.

What You Can Expect

When you contact Stryker, a family-owned and operated business dedicated to serving the needs of Columbus residents, you can expect the following steps to be taken:

  • We’ll perform a comprehensive inspection, which will let us know whether your infestation is in fact bed bugs, or something else that may require a different plan of action. We won’t just inspect your beds—we’ll also inspect other areas throughout your home where bed bugs are commonly present, and we’ll take a very detailed approach to the assessment process.

  • If bed bugs are found in your home, our Stryker team will create a personalized plan of action that will not just treat the present issues you’re facing, but also help you develop a long-term course of action to ensure there are no future infestations.

Proper bed bugs treatment and control is dependent on a high level of expert service. It’s not an issue that can be treated without the assistance of a professional in the majority of cases.

If you’re a Columbus resident and you feel like your life is being impacted by bed bugs, contact Stryker for a complete assessment.

Regain the feeling of being safe and pest-free in your home or property when you rely on Stryker. 

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