Venomous Snakes in Ohio

4997 101413 gs4997There are some very dangerous venomous snakes in Ohio, so it is important that you are aware of this fact. In case you happen to notice any snakes near your home, remember that it is important that you be very cautious and do not approach them. You need to call a specialist who can help you remove them. Make sure that you stand at a distance because venomous snakes can bite you while trying to protect themselves, or if they are hungry. Here are the three most common venomous snakes in Ohio:

Eastern Mississauga rattlesnake

The snake has a thick body with colors that range from grey brown to grey. At the back it has dark brown blotches. It has a wide triangular head, and the eyes have split shaped pupils. In case you are bitten by this snake, then you should seek medical attention immediately because its venom can easily kill. 

Northern copperhead

Northern copperheads can grow up to a length of 90 cm. The snake has a triangular shaped head with hourglass pattern. On the side of the belly it has dark rounded spots. During cold seasons, the northern copperhead can hibernate. It can easily camouflage to the surroundings hence making it hard to be noticed. It feeds on small snakes, lizards, small birds, amphibians, and insects, though mice form its primary prey. 

Timber rattlesnake

The timber rattlesnake is highly venomous and can grow to a length of 152 cm. It can be found in two major color patterns which include the yellow phase pattern, where yellow forms the ground color with brown or grey forming the pattern. The black phase consists of black as the phase color and brown forming patterns. The snake mostly feed on small mammals, birds and frogs.

And if you find that you need assistance removing one of these venomous snakes, or any other type of pests, from your property do not hesitate to contact Stryker Pest Control in Columbus, Ohio.

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