The Top 6 Critters That May Be Sharing an Address with You

As the weather turns cooler, it’s all too common for homeowners to notice an influx of pests and wildlife who start residing in their home. Pests, and in particular the furrier ones, like to escape the cold weather, and what better place to do that than in your home?

If you think you hear rustling around in your attic or other areas of your house, chances are you do.

The top 6 pests that tend to find their way into homes both in Ohio and across the country are:

  • Squirrels: Squirrels may seem adorable and harmless—until they find their way into your house, that is. Squirrels can not just carry diseases, but they can also cause structural damage to your home, just as other rodents can do. You may be clued into a squirrel infestation if you see droppings that look like brown pieces of rice, or if you see nests made of paper and other materials.
  • Raccoons: There’s a reason raccoons are thought of as the bandits of the animal kingdom. It’s easy for them to use their jaws and claws to break into homes, and they can get aggressive. Luckily, since raccoons are typically a size that’s similar to many household pets, they’re not as easily undetected and they tend to leave a more significant trail behind them.
  • Rats: Just the thought of rats is enough to give most homeowners a scare. It’s incredibly easy for rats to make their way into your home through even the smallest of openings you may not even realize exist. Rats leave behind a plentiful amount of droppings and they tend to tunnel through household materials like insulation. Rats aren’t just dirty—they can chew through wires and have been known to cause electrical fires in homes.
  • Birds: Again, this is another animal that may seem harmless, but when birds come into your home they can bring diseases and also mites. When a bird becomes trapped in your home you’re not likely to be able to handle the problem on your own, because it requires an exclusion process. There also tends to be regulations on handling wildlife issues, so it’s important to have a professional do it.
  • Bats: With Halloween just around the corner, nothing says “Boo!” quite like a bat. Bats can become aggressive, and their bites can be dangerous or even deadly. They can enter through an incredibly tiny opening in your home, and they’re particularly common in attics.
  • Possums: Possums just tend to be thought of as an unwanted pest, and luckily for homeowners it’s hard for them to get into your home because there are bigger than most of the animals on this list, but it does happen from time-to-time.

If you suspect you have any one of the animals above, or any type of animal in your home, it’s extremely important to contact an experienced and professional animal control company. Animals can behave unpredictably, there are guidelines surrounding the removal of them from your home, and they also pose a serious health risk to members of your family.

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